Sporting Goods

Mammut is “absolute alpine” and for over 150 years has stood for safety, innovative solutions and excellent customer service.

The alpine sports products range from technical hardware, clothing and shoes to avalanche safety equipment. The range stands out for its functionality and design to Swiss quality standards. The focus is on high-performance alpine use, but anything that proves itself under the toughest alpine conditions will withstand the endurance tests posed by everyday use.

As a specialist for mountain and snow sports, Mammut is continuously working to improve its products. To meet the exacting demands of outdoor enthusiasts – including mountaineers, climbers, freeriders, ski tourers, hikers and trail runners – top athletes, mountain guides and a broad test group work closely together in the development process. Strongly focused, with a well-defined profile and clear brand positioning, the company has achieved worldwide renown in the past 20 years and established a presence in more than 50 countries, with over 80 % of sales outside Switzerland and rising.

The formula for success: high-quality products, enthralling promotional campaigns and international projects. As part of “#project360”, for example, spectacular climbing routes such as the north face of the Eiger Sporting Goods – Mammut Sports Group were filmed using high-resolution, 360° cameras. Thanks to this breakthrough, it is now possible for the first time
in the history of mountaineering to film the ascent of famous peaks as an interactive experience with a panoramic,
360° view. Breathtaking professional performances – such as the speed record on the Mammut north wall achieved by Mammut Proteam athlete Dani Arnold – captured worldwide attention.

Today’s Mammut Sports Group, headquartered in Seon, was founded in 1862 and has been part of the Conzzeta Group since 1982.

Overview Mammut Sports Group

Head: Oliver Pabst
Presence: worldwide sales network in over 50 countries; head offices, product development and rope manufacture in Seon (Switzerland); numerous production partners in Europe and Asia



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