Graphic Coatings

Schmid Rhyner develops and manufactures high-quality print varnishes for the graphical industry.

Founded in 1973, Schmid Rhyner is a leading supplier of print finishing products. The overprint varnishes can be used for partial or full varnishing, on high-quality printed matter and in printed packaging for the pharmaceutical, cosmetics, luxury products and food segments. Apart from their protective function, print finishing products serve as a creative design element, adding considerable value to high-end printed matter. Schmid Rhyner develops, manufactures and markets overprint varnishes in two product lines: a UV-hardening range, and water-based dispersions which are dried by applying heat. All the products are environmentally friendly, solvent-free and recyclable.

Schmid Rhyner products are developed in close collaboration with customers and printing machine manufacturers to ensure that they meet the highest quality standards. The company also provides active customer support in the form of wide-ranging theoretical and practical training courses in all aspects of print finishing: from graphic design to safety issues in food packaging. These courses are complemented by individual, on-site technical consulting and application-oriented support for the performance of production tests.

Schmid Rhyner was founded in 1880 and has a long tradition in the manufacture of coating materials. The company began making products for the printing industry in 1973. Schmid Rhyner was acquired by Conzzeta in 1987. Its products are now sold in more than 100 countries.

Overview Schmid Rhyner

Head: Jakob Rohner
Presence: worldwide sales network in over 100 countries; 1 production site in Adliswil (Switzerland); 1 subsidiary in New Jersey (USA)


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